Elections and International Observers

All over the world, elections are held in places where democracy cannot be taken for granted. There are places where the risk of election rigging, or some other form of vote manipulation, is quite high. This is a grave problem because if the wealthy and the powerful are able to win elections, even if the people do not want them in office, then elections become a sham. The election outcome doesn’t truly reflect the will of the people, and so they lose any ability to force politicians to listen to their pleas.

This is why there are election observers that usually ask to be allowed into the country, when risky elections are about to take place. They arrive and take their positions in key areas around the country. There’s a good chance that they will find some good but simple accommodations in the area. Something similar to the Bella Vista Blenheim motel would be good. Depending on the area, their accommodations might be much simpler. And then they prepare for their work, before, during and after election day.

Elections and Changes

It almost goes without saying that one of the reasons that people participate in elections, is because they want change. So if things are going great, and if the status quo is something that many people are happy with, then maybe a lot of people won’t really bother to vote. Maybe they won’t have as much of an incentive to go out of their way to head for a polling place, in order to cast a ballot. But if there’s something that they’re unhappy with, then the incentive will be there. If they feel that the current crop of politicians isn’t doing enough about such things as poverty, or a lack of jobs, or the problem of global warming, or the quality of education in school, or something else, then they will want to vote new politicians in.

It’s unfortunate when people do want to change some things in their society, but they feel disconnected from the electoral process. After all, there are many examples of people who want universal health care, or more or better jobs, or better educational opportunities for their kids, but who think that elections won’t make any change anyway. You have a lot of people trying to fix the situation all on their own, for example, by looking for work abroad. The idea there is that if the government cannot provide the basic things needed by society, then the breadwinner will have to find away. Unfortunately, there are some real downsides to this. Consider how difficult it is to raise a balanced set of kids when one of the parents is far away, and is hardly ever around. There are some real costs there.

So people will send money back home, so that their kids and family can have the opportunities that the government cannot seem to provide. People will send money to Australia, or India, or the Philippines, or somewhere else. This is really not an ideal situation. Hopefully, future elections will usher in better politicians, but this is really not a sure thing at all.